IFS group therapy

My private practice has always included group therapy so I’ve learned  the challenges of building “safety” within the group and how important that is when encouraging everyone to fully participate.  Using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model changes the way members relate to each other making groups safer and so more productive.  By learning to speak “for  parts” rather than “from parts” participants learn to express themselves more assertively  without violating the boundaries of others.  When fully learned and appreciated, this “you turn” can dramatically improve all relationships.

Therapy for Everyone

By using the IFS model, psychotherapy can be practiced as a “wellness model”  de-mystifyed and de-stimatized the process of therapy.  I feel more like an educator and you less like a patient.  Using the IFS model, together we see  “issues” as a “problem with a part” which you can fix rather than as a “defective me.”

Working with Organizations


From tribes of children in school to the technical work group, we see leading  as a process that is learned from the inside out.  By that I mean, as we become more empathic and connected to our “inside tribe,” we better understand and so can more effectively manage our “outside tribes.”  Working in groups with the IFS model provides a rare opportunity to learn and practice this style of leadership.   Feel free to call and discuss setting up a program for your organization.

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