Tomorrow morning I leave for Springer Mountain, a 7.3 mile climb to the start of the Appalachian Trail. I pitch a tent at mile 0.0, and begin the trek at the crack of dawn Monday the 6th. I have been spoiled spending 2 nights at the beautiful Amicalola Falls Lodge. Hikers from all over the world are here to learn from seminars and plan and refine their own hikes. Here you learn you have 1 chance in 4 to finish, you have way too much equipment and weight, and you should dial back all expectations of hiking more than maybe 10 miles per day, at least at first.   Hearing that, parts  of me started packing up to go home!   But challenge #1 is just “get going” hoping that once I settle in to the rhythm and the new life style, I will have Confidence to continue. That should be after 250 miles or reaching Hot Springs. The trail veterans  agree that by Hot Springs, 50% drop out.  I’ll keep you posted!