Sun setting over a stormy Boston. So I’m taking a vacation from the AT 10 days home to sail, rest and eat. Then when I return Sept 10th I start up from Rangeley Maine for a 2 week 220 mile hike to Katahdin, the end. But I’ve been asked to write a summary of the trip and what I’ve learned along the way; an assignment that feels like the trail does not end at Mt. Katahdin. Sorting out what I’ve learned, putting it into context and finding a way to present it seems to be another journey. So let me begin here by introducing the lesson: it is about Confidence. Not just confidence to live and hike in the wilderness but confidence to have settled enough of the “internal” battles that I can be at peace even when I’m not distracted by something going on in the outer world, and even in retirement. Confident that where ever life takes me from here (after summiting Mt. Katahdin), it will be OK to follow.