Well here I am sitting in a cool and dry motel room relaxing for a day and eating everything I can, while getting ready to start the second half of this journey. Even though the score card reads that at Harper’s Ferry we have Finished 1023 miles with another 1166 to go, this is considered the halfway point. And it’s been a day of reflection as well.  I have decided I don’t want to spend the rest of my life hiking. Living in nature with big animals that try to steal your food and plants that make you itch and water that needs to be filtered is challenging and interesting at first but after 3 months I’m ready to return home and live like normal people. So I’m ready to come home, but what I want most to bring with me is the conscious awareness of all that can become precious when we give ourselves time to see it, time to live it.  I feel grateful for the time I’ve had here and look forward to the 3 months remaining.