There are 2 parts pushing me up the switchbacks of Bromley in Vermont. From the very beginning of the day I had this sense of urgency and a drive to get some good mileage going today. I’ve been home (yet again) taking a few days off from the trail in hopes of “improving my attitude.”  But there it was again this morning, like birds chirping in my ear: “too much time off, you’ll never finish, everyone has passed you by, what right do you have to take such a long break, etc. I’ve blogged before about this part that thought it’s trail name was “slow poke” and I had offered it a new trail name of “good step.”  That part had been pretty happy, I thought; but like a lot of young children (and young parts), they are clever. “Good step” felt adequate as long as he was taking steps; but as soon as we took a break his “inadequate feelings” and with that, his protectors. “Just Get It Done is a great  part that does “get it done.” But the price I pay is huge. Also their is a social component to this system, the part that says: “You Are In My Way” who pushes everyone away even those who try to help me so I can “get it done.”  I don’t know where to go from here, but I just saw two signs: one I knew was to :Bromley peak the other said: “Vista”.  Of course the aforementioned parts scoffed at the idea of a stop which is why I did. The lesson to me was that the stop afforded me an important moment of reflection and a photo op. Which is why I’m here in the first place. Guess I can meditate today on this “internal trailhead.”  I’d love to hear you’re experience with “driving parts.”