Yesterday morning I was at the finish line, Mt Katahdin, hiking the last 5.2 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  Several hikers passed me coming back down from unsuccessful attempts at the summit. At the bolder field above the tree line,  I met a group of hikers huddled together hiding from the wind and cold. Clouds were blowing by at a speed I’d only seen on the weather channel. Other hikers were coming down from an open ledge they could not safely cross, while a few had decided to sit tight and wait to see if the 70? mph wind would let up. My hiking buddy and I decided it would not so we turned around just 2 miles from the end and started back down.  The Trail was not letting me finish, not then; so I packed up my gear and drove home to Boston where I sit wondering why I didn’t feel more disappointed. Actually I feel some relief that I can hold on to this journey for one more day; and I keep asking myself if I’ve really spent the time wisely, have I really been awake?  Monday I’ll go back and try again, more conscious of each precious step.