I’m trying to decide whether or not to “go for it” which gives my system a challenging and “triggering” assignment over the next 2 weeks. The situation is that I have to go home for a graduation and an important family event taking me off the trail for 10 days, Saturday May 20th to Memorial Day May 29th. I had planned to pass the half way point at Harper’s Ferry by then, but realized this week, I ain’t gonna make it! (from where I am today it’s 240 miles in 12 days) BUT parts of me want to try. Other parts know 20 miles a day is 30% faster than I’ve been going. Other parts don’t want the restriction goals put on me. Other parts worry I will get injured, and still others argue that it’s about time to light this candle and do some real hiking: “I would feel so good flying home with half the trail finished, I would feel entitled to a break; but what would I have missed by focusing on mileage?”  As I try to let “every part have it’s say,” I am realizing that there is a different process going on than what I’ve been used to where various aspects of myself would be at war with each other and I’d end up afraid that no matter which way I’d lean, parts of me would feel I’d let myself down. So after many days of deliberations,  I’ve decided to shoot for the goal and take the challenge as long as all parts are in. I intend to listen carefully each day and be prepared to let go of this ambitious goal if I loose consensus. Now it’s sounding like fun rather than an unnecessary risk.    I’d love to hear what you would do and how you would arrive at the decision, do people have similar parts?