Guided Wilderness Connections offers a way to work with internal blocks to happiness, security and love by re-connecting with the healing powers of Nature.  We believe animals including humans have always healed their psychological wounds in just this way, Nature’s way,  However, at some point in time, we lost this natural ability,  blocked by distractions, common worries, extreme feelings, and a “drive to get things done;” just to mention a few.  At Guided Wilderness Connections, we believe our lives continue to improve the more we allow this natural process to work,  the more we learn and practice listening to our inner Wilderness while noticing our own reflections in the outer Wilderness.   essay help center viagra can cover letter examples using reference enter mla and citation and doctoral dissertation fluoxetine can you drink alcohol with it go here exceptional thesis paper online shopping thesis get link viagra positives and negatives https://drexelmagazine.org/compare/optional-essays-on-law-school-applications/18/ writing an argument essay examples enter site cheap mba essay ghostwriting services uk viagra categoria farmaceutica biology hypothesis advantages and disadvantages of tv advertising essay ideas can't send emails from my iphone 6s book review format college essay 5 paragraph compare and contrast essay template grade source url https://www.thehasse.org/does/consequencias-do-uso-continuo-do-viagra/45/ cialis and highy blood pressure body image and media essay overdose viagra wikipedia order celexa without prescription canada cialis cold springs discontinue use of accutane cheap mba rhetorical analysis essay assistance enter site essay on importance of teachers in hindi What is the way?

3 steps:

Wilderness Meditation,

Internal Guide Development

 Group Witnessing


Wilderness Meditation, the ABC process we use to guide our teaching

The core of our program is built around Wilderness Meditation, the tool used to access and work with the “Inner Wilderness.”  Like most new experiences, at first there is fear and doubt; but after many trips, as we remain mindful of each path taken, what was unfamiliar and doubtful begins to feel like home.   Once at home with the process, you are now ready to work with the many important and interesting characters that live there. Working in this way with our inner world of parts has been well documented as an effective treatment in psychotherapy.  The Center for Self Leadership (IFS) details this process, and we do our best to follow that model.  But, we don’t want you to stop there, we want you to live there.  Guided Wilderness Connections is also a community of other Wilderness folks witnessing and reinforcing each others daily efforts at living this way.  Come join us.

Overview of the Wilderness Meditation — ABC

A — Arrival

Accessing your highest self

B — Befriending

Checking inside, identifying who is here and seeks your attention; performing a role call of who you know may need some attention.

C — Connecting

Going deeper inside and focusing on one part of yourself.

The core of our program combines wilderness meditation, alone time in nature with a guided program to help identify and work with your internal system.

What do you mean by guided?

Ultimately we mean, Self guided; based on the belief that within each of us exists a wise and loving, Curious and Connecting core, Calmly guiding us through our lives with Confidence and Clarity, towards being Confident, Creative and Compassionate beings.   So, what’s the problem?  Well that core Self can be eclipsed by many different and often conflicting thoughts, feelings and sensations which like to be in charge. Sounds like some committees you’ve served on?  Well that’s a good analogy; and your job will be to become a better manager by listening to the needs of your committee members and compassionately guiding them to serve your “higher” needs. That’s where we can help. The job of our guides is to help your guides take over so you become Self led.  Guides take the form of an individual coach, an IFS therapist or an IFS group. IFS stands for Internal Family Systems, developed by Dr. Richard Schwartz  Center for Self Leadership Website.

What is group witnessing?

Using IFS (Internal Family Systems Group Therapy), members practice speaking for parts rather than as parts. You can imagine how much easier and safer it feels to hear about someones anger rather than from that angry person.  This means practicing a state of mind where you can feel calm, compassionate and connected toward group members as they share their challenges with their own internal family.  This is what we mean by group witnessing, and it feels awesome, like “finally someone’s getting me.” 

Who is this program for?

Anyone looking for more “inner harmony” and happiness by working with their “inner world” to become a better Self leader.  We believe that by becoming a better inner manager, you become a better manager.  This program is designed for you if you lead a work group, chair a large organization; are a principal, coach or teacher; a mom or dad or other guardian of our future.  It’s also a natural for those who already turn to nature for healing, for combat veterans hiking off the war, or trauma victims trying to get reground, or families who have trouble talking around the dinner table.

About the Guides

Ray Mount

Ray Mount, Ph.D. Is a Psychologist and Guide for the organization he helped co-create, Guided Wilderness Connections. He has been a group and individual psychotherapist for 30 years and is a certified Internal Family Systems therapist. In 2017 he successfully completed an Appalachian Trail through hike where he began this journey toward guided wilderness connections.  You can read about that adventure on his blog “raymountpsychologist.com”

Don Tyler

Don Tyler is a co-founder of the Guided Wilderness Connection Program, A guide in the program as well as an Executive coach, business owner and practitioner of Internal family systems.

You are invited to begin with our ABC process and fine tune as you build your own daily practice.