I haven’t heard the “MountainMusic” for a while now, I’m burned out. My last few days have been spent obsessing on food, sweat, mosquitoes and my sore feet. I’ve been miserable ? Yesterday I rallied my spirit enough to take a picture, but my finger was so sweaty and the screen so wet, it wouldn’t swipe. I try all my tricks: looking backwards when I take a break climbing and thinking of the work I’ve done before I look up at the work to be done, thinking that I have all day and there are no time concerns, and always on the look out for “colateral beauty” in the midst of suffering.  Then it finally happened: I saw a beaver who just hung out with me till I finally got my camera working. I videoed him, took several pictures and even tried a “selfie” that I’m sure made him laugh. What a privilege to be so ensconced in nature that such a timid creature will just hang with you. I walked away remembering why I’m here. Today I woke with renewed spirit ready to climb Mount Greylock.