I don’t know what happened, but I am dreading climbing “The Stairway to Heaven” today. It’s the last challenge in New Jersey before I cross the border into New York, the 9th state. Only 5 more to go; and only 832 miles to go. It could be boredom because of the rocky terrain which requires focus on where you put each step. Or it could be I’m getting bored with the trek or perhaps that I’ve recently had such wonderful visits from family I love. Sorry but hugging trees and talking with wildlife simply doesn’t match being reminded of the wonderful moments I’ve shared with friends and family. I want to go home!  And maybe that desire is pushing parts of me to “not enjoy” this once in a lifetime experience. Oh well, I’ll try to return to my wilderness home today. Part of me feels guilty for this whine, and another part is saying, it’s OK once in a while.