Dr. Ray's journey through sabbatical

Follow me along the Appalachian Trail

Ray Mount, Ph.D., Psychologist announces his retirement from private practice work as a psychotherapist.

I feel so fortunate to have had psychotherapy as my primary career. After practicing for 30 years, I look back and feel much gratitude for the trust my clients have placed in me. What a privilege to have shared so much with all of you. Thank you.

Dr. Ray Now

As I began to approach retirement age and after many years of trying to like fishing but not liking what it did to fish, I decided that first on my “bucket list” would be hiking the Appalachian Trail. So March 2nd 2017 I fly to Atlanta, make my way 92 miles north and begin a through hike from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine. I’ll post pictures on the “blog” along with some good old “trail philosophy” and what I’ve learned. Please join me for a virtual experience and comment on the blogs.

I believe we are all on this journey together. Your post could make someone else’s journey a little easier even if only for a step or two.

Dr. Ray hiking the Appalachian Trail